Alignment Management Podcast
The podcast about the world of alignment management. Join Ryan and Ethan as they talk about managing alignment, organizational design, behavioral pyschology and more.
Operational Maturity in Startups
Episode 10
Learn how the success or failure of a startup is not random chance, but rather a calculated outcome based on how the organization is operated..
May 08
Customer-Centric Alignment
Episode 9
Learn how aligning around the needs of your customer can drive significant growth and performance from your team.
Apr 21
The Illusion of Prioritization
Episode 8
Learn why urgent does not equal important and what the biggest challenge for leaders is.
Apr 07
The Illusion of Prioritization
Episode 7
Learn what makes a good strategy and why having one is so important to alignment.
Mar 31
Objectives and Key Results
Episode 6
We discuss: cultural implications of OKRs, how OKRs fit into an overall alignment strategy, and why you might not want multi-year OKRs.
Mar 17
North Star Alignment Strategies
Episode 5
Learn how providing your team with a north star can drive results and improve alignment.
Mar 10
Organizational Thesis
Episode 4
Learn what an organizational thesis is and why your business must have one.
Mar 03
The Purpose of Company Purpose
Episode 3
Learn why having a clear company purpose is critical to aligning your people.
Feb 24
The Great Shift from Task Execution Towards Business Impact
Episode 2
Learn how organizations can become better aligned by shifting the focus of teams from just executing on lists of tasks towards driving business impact.
Feb 17
Introducing Alignment Management
Episode 1
In this pilot episode, your hosts Ryan and Ethan introduce you to the podcast and share their aspirations for the show.
Feb 11